Mobile Applications

Alif Interactive, we create other than presently mobile apps, on behalf of us, designing an enormous app is regarding now than a suggestion; we feel like to comprehend your commerce as well as its requirements.

We consider sound approach is the solution to victory for several mobile App developments since it resolves to take your commerce to the subsequently rank along with authorize your clientele in original conduct.

Your business with our smart mobile apps designed us would help solve all of your big.

Our Mobile App Services are:

We are exclusive since we encompass a full check approach to mobile. We offer an extensive variety of mobile development services:

  • Application
  • iPhone
  • Kiosk Application
  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Ipad
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Interface Design
  • Android
  • App Marketing
  • Startup Incubation
  • App Supply
  • App Store Optimization
  • Convenience evaluation

Usefulness and  some  of our mobile app are:

Traverse Platform know-how

We’ve delivered products meant for iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5. Our know-how across platforms revenue we can assist companies prefer the precise mobile app services plus solutions. Alif Interactive we are supple, well-versed plus equipped to work by means of new platforms as well as essential tools.

Cross kind understanding

Alif interactive has created five-star mobile applications transversely backing teaching, designing of website, travel, end user technology plus ecommerce. Our wide long-ago familiarity means we can illustrate starting our general collection of tools, proficiencies as well as techniques.

Alif Interactive follows designing and engineering most excellent practices to create certain that our apps are well-matched by way of prospect updates. We are expert in producing apps that can be maintained; widen code to dish up as groundwork for extra development.

Powerful Technologies

Alif Interactive focuses on creating inhabitant applications so as to obtain complete benefit of display place capabilities, carry out glowing, next to by means of offering a first-class user understanding. Following our plan as well as improvement is a profound considerate of the technologies desirable to generate higher apps.

From end to end the procedure of rising over 120 applications designed for the App Store, we encompass engineered center technologies so as to permit us to speedily put in multifarious features to facilitate:

  • Converse with web services
  • Scrutinize along with display relocation data
  • Be valid belongings to images with video
  • Torrent audio as well as video content
  • Execute matchless animations plus transitions
  • Professionally store and get back from a limited database
  • Inquiry along with post satisfied to community networks akin to Facebook in addition to Twitter